Why go with Villara for Solar?

Villara is a licensed roofing professional which means your home warranty stays intact with any work we do on your roof! This mixed with our exceptional pricing sets us apart from most Solar installers you will find.

Solar Allows You To:

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  • Save money by lowering your monthly electric bill
  • Utilize free energy from the sun to reduce the effect of utility rate increases
  • Enjoy energy independence by becoming your own power producer
  • Increase the market value of your home
  • Be more green by using clean, renewable energy

Monthly Energy Savings

Investing in a solar energy system can lead to significant energy savings, month after month, for the entire life of the system. Think of it as a sound investment that pays, month after month, forever, with little to no risk.

Imagine No Electricity Bills.

A solar photovoltaic (PV ) system is a solar electric system that generates electricity for your home, reducing your dependence on the grid and the (often dirty) fuel that powers it. Of course, there may be times when your PV system doesn’t generate electricity — at night, on cloudy days, etc. During these times, you can still draw electricity from the grid, but the cost is likely to be offset by the electricity your PV system feeds back into the grid when it’s generating more than your house is using (for which you can be compensated by your utility).


Cleaning Services

We also offer cleaning services to help keep your panels clean, clear and soaking up as much energy as possible! Dust, pollen, grime and even bird droppings can accumulate over time, impacting the amount of electricity generated by a module. Villara offers fast, affordable cleaning that keeps your panels in high performance without you having to climb on your roof!


For more information about how solar energy can benefit you, or to schedule a free consultation today, contact us here!


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