So you are interest in finding the best way to make your home more energy efficient , comfortable, and less expensive to operate? There are some things to consider first. 

Most solar companies will show you how your solar investment will perform relative to your current utility bill, but THAT IS NOT YOUR ONLY OPTION. You should 

know how an investment in a new solar system will compare economically, aesthetically, and from a quality of life perspective relative to a new HVAC system, house sealing, improved insulation, energy-efficient windows, etc.

After looking at the big picture you will likely find that you need a much smaller system, which will save you thousands of dollars!

The only way to make a truly informed decision is to get an energy-efficiency audit from an energy efficiency expert certified by your local utility company. These energy audits are inexpensive help you make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your energy buck. Find more info at

A comprehensive, detailed report provides you with a view of your home’s energy usage and can help you choose the best solution to maximize your comfort and potential savings.

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